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The company has developed a modular ground mount system that was adopted and improved from large scale solar farms. In a time where focus has been placed on tracking systems, we have kept to a system that has ease of installation with minimum maintenance for the service life of the Plant.

The technology used by UVSS is the latest designs which results in a clean productive manufacturing environment with minimal energy consumption. We are proud to be part of the race to create a greener South Africa.

Track Record

We have supplied various Large, Medium and Small scale projects and our structures support over 300 MW of PV panels in South Africa and abroad. We have the experience and technology to design, manufacture and deliver quality cost-effective structures, with a good understanding of local conditions to supply a quality product.

We have supplied the following projects since the business started in 2015:


Year Country Location Size Structure Type
2015 -2016 South Africa Tom Burke 60MW Static
2015 South Africa Paleisheuwel 75 MW Static
2015 -2016 South Africa Adams 82.5 MW Static
2015 -2016 South Africa Jacobsdal 75 MW Static
2017 Eritrea Asmara 1 MW Static
2019 Nigeria Lagos 1 MW Static
2016 South Africa Dube Port 750 kW Solar Track
2016 – Present SADAC 25 MW + in smaller applications (3.6 – 500 kW) Static

Our Product Offering

Our system is modular and components are kept to the minimum, this makes installation much simpler and saves cost and time on installation.


We have standardized to a single and double row Portrait (Vertical) layout from 10 to 30 ° with 5° increments. With Maximum row length of 40 Panels. This gives the PV System designer a wide range to choose form to optimize Plant Efficiency.



Standard arrays/tables suitable for all size panels.

Custom made to the site specifics.

Available fixed tilt of the structure from 5 up to 30 degree

Flexible design to accommodate all requirements.

Can accommodate up to 40 meters in length PV solar arrays.

Provides any fixed tilt angle.

Resistant to wind forces up to 40m/s.

Mechanical performance verified by engineers.

Compact and easy to transport.


Modular design.

Portrait orientation is available – 1 and 2 panels per row as a standard option.

Offers fixed tilt angles with desired degree tilt from the customer

Fast to assemble

Cost effective

Specifically designed to be cost effective solutions.


Ramming machines are required for larger installations.

Elementary (basic) civil works for the concrete foundation option.

   Product design    

Meets structural engineering requirements.

Long life span 

Durable material for long life span.


Extended life span of the material through maintenance.


5 years warranty




Pre-Galvanised or Hot Dip Galvanised




Fixed tilt- from 5 to 30 degrees




Galvanised steel components, Aluminium clamps for PV panels.



5 years


Although we are not installers, we have multiple foundation solutions to fit most site conditions. This varies from Steel pole piling for larger installations, Strip concrete foundation for medium to small and concrete slab in rocky terrain.

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