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Standard Galvanised Mine Ventilation Ducting


Manufactured from 1.0 mm; 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm Z275 galvanised steel. • Diameters: 305 Ø; 380 Ø; 405 Ø; 570 Ø; 760 Ø; 915 Ø; 1015 Ø; 1220 Ø & 1500 Ø. • Ducting lengths manufactured to customer specifications and requirements. • All flanges manufactured from rolled angle iron.

Enerduct ®

The Enerduct is a new concept of duct design and manufacturing. CFD Simulation and Analysis of Air Flow on the newly spiral-swage formed ventilation duct were conducted by the CSIR to determine the flow characteristics in the Enerduct pipe. Results from the Simulation and Analysis research proved that the design of the spiral swage reduces the frictional pressure drop by between 8.80% and 13.04% at different volumetric flow rates.

South African Registered Design F2014/00686

South African Patent ZA2015/01483

Rectangular Ducting and Fittings

Rectangular ducting for Underground and Industrial applications. Manufactured from Z275 galvanised material in lock-form construction with angle iron flanges as joining method.

Underground Applications: Ducting can be designed for areas with limited space available where conventional round ducting cannot be installed. Flanges can be supplied with clamp-hooks on top of flange which do not require bolts and nuts due to limited space during installation.

Industrial Applications: Sub-station ventilation systems and plant ventilation systems.

Standard Sizes: 405 Ø (650 x 200); 570 Ø (1020 x 250); 760 Ø (1300 x 350); 915 Ø (1650 x 400); 1015 Ø (1620 x 500); 1220 Ø (1950 x 600). Alternative sizes can be manufactured on request and as per client specification.

Hexagon Duct ®

Hexagon Duct & Joint Connector South African Registered Design F2016/01270 & F2016/01271

Rectangular Duct

Rectangular Duct with top hook Clamps

Vertical Rectangular Bend

Mine Ventilation Column Fittings

Inspection Door

Compressed Air Silencer

Whisper Silencer

Conventional Silencer




Grid Protection Piece


Damper / Regulator

Water Blast / Brospray




Blank Off Plate

Low Pressure Self-Closing Door

Bohpa Clamp

Blitseal Gasket

Ventilation Curtains & Accessories

Centre Gully Brattices

Polypropylene Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Wrapping White/Yellow/Black

PVC Ducting

PVC Flexible Exhaust Ducting 

Connectors/Joining Methods:

Turnbuckle Clamp

South African Patent 2016/08316

Fan Adaptor for PVC ducting with Ratchet Straps

Zip Coupling

Steel Clip

Ski Rope & Toggle

Other PVC Products

Vent Seal

PVC Patch Kit Bag

Contents: PVC bag with reflective tape, Stapling Gun & staples, Scissor, Mutton cloth to wipe PVC ducting before patching, self-adhesive PVC patch-any size can be supplied or specified (max 1300 wide)

Special Ventilation Systems – Underground & Industrial

Steel fabrication workshop for the design, detail and manufacture of the following items:

Dust Plants and Air Filtration Units

Furnace Extraction Systems, Fan Casings, Dampers, Silencers and Screens

Surface Fan Ducting for Shaft Sinking

Supports, Walkways, Stairways and Supportive Structural Beam Work / Light Structures

Water Eliminators

Sound Attenuators

Surface Fan Drifts, Self Closing Doors (High, Low Pressure or Counterweight), Radial Vane Control Units, Dampers

Tanks, Scrubber Systems, Hoppers, Chutes and Cyclones


Manufactured from Mild Steel, Plate work and Structural Steel

Ducting & Plate work

Formed from various materials and material thickness in a welded construction

Ventilation Doors & PVC Doors

Refuge Bay Door

  • Luminescent finish for maximum visibility
  • Counterweighted to close automatically
  • Inspection flap for easy safety evaluation
  • Standard size 1800×880 or as per customer requirements

Standard Vent Door

  • Simple to replace sections of door
  • Easy to open
  • Any sizes are available
  • Manufactured to mining requirements

Rotating Man Door

  • Manufactured from steel (no wooden parts)
  • No hinges required
  • Operate under any ventilation pressure
  • Very little maintenance required – if any

Roll-Up PVC Vent Door

South African Patent 2017/05913
  • Easy to install
  • Limited maintenance required
  • Easy to replace damaged parts
  • Do not require large area for drive & motor
  • Additional controls and equipment as per client requirements

Underground Support

Pinch Bars

Material Specifications • Aluminium Pipe 34.92mm outside diameter and 25.52mm inside diameter • Hexagon bar quality 080A42, 22.4mm Ø Sizes • 1.0m – 3.0m • Forged ends to specification

Foundation Bolts

Diameter: Y40; Y32; Y25; Y20 mm Ø x any length, as required. • Material: 450MPA Tensile.

Winch Brackets

Normal & Heavy Duty

Pig Tail Eyebolts

Diameter: M16 and M20. • Inside diameter of eye: (64mm).

Lacing Clamps

Meshing & Lacing Clamps, U-Bolt and Hewitt Clamps • U-BOLT Lacing Clamps (Standard) – For use with 8-16mm Ø Steel Wire Rope. • U-BOLT Lacing Clamps (Large) – For use with 16-20mm Ø Steel Wire Rope. • HEWITT MK I – For use with 8-13mm Ø Steel Wire Rope. • HEWITT MK II & III – For use with 12-16mm Ø Steel Wire Rope.

Shepherd Crooks

Standard • Material: Y12; Y14.5; Y16; T16 – 450 MPA TENSILE • Length:  From 1.2m to 3.2m • Overlap: From 300mm to 600mm Welded • Material: Y14; Y16; T16 • Length: From 1.2m to 3.2m • Overlap: 50mm Welded

V & Z Clips

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